Improving a leading brand
A Travelodge case study

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Travelodge 6 Image 5It is all very well having the right product at the right place and at the right price. However, in the budget hotel market it is necessary to ensure there is a top quality booking system enabling the consumer to purchase the accommodation. Travelodge took an early lead over its competitors by focusing on centralising all inventory.

To support this, Travelodge has a reservation sales centre which employs almost 300 staff, takes over 3 million calls per year and sells over 2 million rooms. Some business people and families may simply pull up at a Travelodge for a stop-over on a long journey. More frequently customers will plan ahead and book accommodation in advance of holidays, meetings and so on. With this in mind, Travelodge has designed the most sophisticated booking system in the budget hotel market.

The most important development in this area has been Travelodge’s development of a sophisticated Internet site. Travelodge first appeared on the Internet in 1996. The introduction to the web was about providing information to a new worldwide audience. In the early days this was achieved through the provision of an on-line brochure. Travelodge continued to move the site on to new platforms in order to maximise the opportunities available.

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