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A Travelodge case study

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Page 2: The Travelodge offer

Travelodge 6 Image 4A market consists of buyers seeking to make purchases and sellers who compete with each other to make sales. Some markets are intensely competitive with many sellers offering almost identical products at similar prices. Other markets are less competitive with fewer sellers offering differentiated products.

The budget accommodation sector in the UK has become much more competitive over the past 15 years with more and more players entering the market each year. This forces competitors to look for better ways of communicating brand and product benefits. The total market comprises more than 40,000 rooms in the UK alone. Travelodge has 25% of the market. In order to retain and increase this market share Travelodge is investing heavily in developing its Internet presence to make it easier for customers to find out more about the Travelodge offer and book rooms.

Travelodge provides hotel accommodation for two major market segments families and business customers. Families seek leisure breaks, whereas business customers seek hotel accommodation close to hubs of business activity or convenient locations for meetings.


For families Travelodge provides family and friends, short stay breaks on long journeys. They provide a combination of good facilities and excellent value for money. Travelodges can be found nationwide on motorways and ‘A’ roads in towns and city centres. They are also located near tourist attractions and areas of natural beauty.

Each Travelodge provides en suite rooms and family rooms for four people with accommodation for two adults and two children. Rooms include satellite television with cartoon, sports and film channels. Each room has tea and coffee making facilities, luxury beds and every guest is provided with a free newspaper. There is a friendly atmosphere and an easy checking in and out process to make life easy for people with busy travelling arrangements.

Business users

For Britain’s business people, Travelodge offers full in-room facilities and access to a telephone and fax machine. With these facilities available and comfortable beds, it means that the business customer can wake up refreshed and prepared, ready to face the day. Guests pay on arrival and can drop the key at reception on departure.

Travelodge provides 'meeting points' for business meetings. Following detailed market research, Travelodges are situated at key business locations, making for easy access from all parts of the country. Travelodge has also made sure that its hotels include good restaurant facilities or are close to first-class restaurants.

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