Meeting customers' needs
A Travis Perkins case study

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Page 2: Sectors

As a wholesaler/retailer Travis Perkins operates in the tertiary sector; purchasing its products from manufacturers who operate within the secondary sector of industry or directly from the primary sector.

There are three sectors of industry which all rely on each other in the pursuit of business success.

Businesses operating in the primary sector rely on the continued availability of high quality raw materials which can be extracted and sold at a cost that will ensure their financial growth and stability. These businesses sell the raw materials to businesses in the secondary sector where they are refined, reshaped or packaged so that they can be sold to businesses in the tertiary sector.

Travis Perkins purchases merchandise from a wide range of different secondary and primary sector suppliers. It is important that the goods purchased are of high quality that will satisfy customers' needs. It is the responsibility of those who negotiate with suppliers to buy quality products from fully reputable and environmentally friendly sources, at the right price. It is also essential that supply is reliable so that the product is available for the customer on demand.

Travis Perkins | Meeting customers' needs