Using management training to build a better business
A Travis Perkins case study

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Page 4: Assessing candidates

When assessing job applicants, it is important to do so against the required criteria for the job. For example, in choosing a teacher of business studies, one would look for a knowledgeable candidate with a good teaching record, the ability to work with others in a team and, of course, the ability to inspire and enthuse students.

The selection process at Travis Perkins assesses candidates against the criteria for the job. The process looks closely at many of the personal characteristics of each candidate such as their enthusiasm, self-management skills and their ability to focus upon objectives and develop a 'hands-on' approach which enables them to get on in a direct and 'down-to-earth' way with customers, most of whom are practical people. This is particularly important as management trainees could be running their own branch in 4-7 years, or even earlier.

If Travis Perkins is to build a better business through its Management Trainee Scheme, the ability of the selection process to identify and select the right people with the right skills is vital.

Travis Perkins | Using management training to build a better business