Using management training to build a better business
A Travis Perkins case study

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Page 3: Recruitment

The purpose of recruitment is to buy in and keep the best available human resources to meet the organisation's needs. From the outset, therefore, it is important to be clear about:

  • what a job entails
  • the qualities required to do the job
  • the incentives and processes of training and development that would attract and then motivate the right kind of employee.

Travis Perkins requires applicants who preferably have two 'A' levels but will consider candidates who have four GCSEs grade A-C, as long as these include Mathematics and English. They also require applicants to be 18 years old and hold a full driving licence.

The company has developed a job description, which sets out how a management trainee would fit into and develop through the organisation. The job description identifies the purpose of a management trainee: 'To follow the structured company management trainee programme in order to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for career progression to management'.

As well as having this key purpose the job description refers to fifteen specific responsibilities, four of which include:

  • to complete each component of the management trainee programme and in doing so, learn about the purpose and operation of that area of the company business
  • to learn about the customers, and through selling skills and customer care training, continually strive to enhance the quality of the service offered
  • to learn about the products sold, from whom they are bought and how they are used by customers
  • to undertake BMF/MOL Product Study Modules to attain the necessary five passes in order to achieve the City and Guild Certificate in Construction Materials and Distribution, by the time the scheme has been completed.

The job description also reflects the main responsibilities of the management trainee to provide a foundation upon which each can develop a career.

Job advertisements form an important part of the recruitment process. An organisation is able to communicate job vacancies to a selected audience through this means and, in order to encourage the right people to apply, the advertisements need to be clearly targeted at an appropriate audience.

As part of its recruitment programme Travis Perkins advertises externally in the press and student magazines. It also advertises on its web-site, on student job seeker web-sites, in Job Centres and at trade fairs.

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