Using management training to build a better business
A Travis Perkins case study

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Page 6: Self-assessment

A key part of the scheme is self-assessment. It is important for trainees to appreciate what they have learned and to think about how they can apply this learning.

This application is not just within their immediate job role, but also over the long term as they develop opportunities and utilise their potential working for the company. For example, self-assessment questions include:

  • List four areas where you feel you have made progress since joining the Company.
  • Tell us what tasks you enjoy most.
  • What difficulties have you experienced in your job?
  • What did you do to help yourself to overcome these difficulties?
  • List any areas where you feel confident to work unsupervised.
  • Identify any areas that you feel are your strengths.
  • Identify any area where you need to improve.
  • Tell us how you are settling into your company, including good points and problems.

Self-assessment sets the basis for the company to work with, rather than against, the trainee through the management training scheme.

The following is a profile of an ex-management trainee, now a successful manager:

Mark Newman, 29, manages an annual turnover of £13 million at the Company's National Sales Office in Northampton.

Mark joined Travis Perkins in 1989 as a Management Trainee, after finishing a one-year business studies course at college. On the subject of Sales Mark says:

'Sales Management requires a high level of self motivation with the ability to communicate effectively with staff and customers. You have to know what the customer wants and ensure your staff maximise these opportunities. I believe the demands of our industry make each day at Travis Perkins a new challenge. New products, initiatives and customers ensure that by achieving your goals in a competitive market place, you receive complete job satisfaction that is second to none.'

The Management Trainee Programme enabled Mark to learn a trade whilst continuing in further education. Experience and product knowledge gained, whilst working in various branches enabled him to successfully progress through the company. He found the programme very rewarding as it gave him a great insight into the importance of the staff that make our company a leading name in the industry.

Travis Perkins | Using management training to build a better business