Using management training to build a better business
A Travis Perkins case study

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Page 5: The management trainee programme

The aim of the scheme is to provide the trainee with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the operations of a Travis Perkins' branch over a period of two years. At the end of the two years the trainee's performance will be considered by the Company Management, who will then place the trainee in their first permanent position with ongoing personal development. The job offered will depend upon the performance of the trainee on the scheme as well as the vacancies available within the company at that time.

The Branch Manager briefs staff to inform them why the trainee is working within a branch. A member of staff is made responsible for the trainee, who will act as a coach or mentor as they progress through the programme.

Upon joining each new branch the trainee is interviewed by the Branch Manager and they discuss:

  • what the trainee has covered to date, so that their experience can be evaluated
  • which training programme the trainee will be working to at the branch. Each area of the management training scheme has its own written programme
  • what can be done to help the trainee to use the programme to their best advantage
  • the responsibilities they will be given at the branch, as well as computer access
  • Health and Safety procedures, First Aid and Fire Drill who the trainee will report to
  • how their progress at the branch will be monitored through regular meetings with the Branch Manager.

As well as being provided with the opportunity to take a range of externally assessed qualifications through off the job training, management trainees always undertake extensive on-the-job training activities. This involves them keeping a file and meeting a series of competence targets, which are then assessed within the workplace.

For example, it is essential for anybody working within a retail environment to have a good knowledge of products and how other people on site would use these products. This knowledge will help them to advise customers with regards to specific and key differences between products as well as their safe operation.

Travis Perkins | Using management training to build a better business