Transforming the marketplace
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Page 3: Developing a promotional campaign

Umbro Com 6 Image 2Marketers face the real challenge of developing new skills in the area of ecommerce. They have to create a website that users will want to visit, repeat visit and find exciting on each occasion they choose to visit.

There are three Cs of good web marketing. These are:

  • Content - what drives people to a website. This might include news, interviews or a product offering. With access to over 750 endorsees of Umbro products worldwide, Umbro has been in the position to offer exclusive content.
  • Community - creates a feeling that visitors to the site belong together and feel attached to the brand, which they will trust and come back to. UMBRO.COM has the advantage of being able to use the heritage of the main brand and also of the community spirit that already exists.
  • Commerce - occurs when users to the web site generate income, whether this is from shopping, advertising, sponsor ship or any other deals.

The UMBRO.COM website is not just about listing the Umbro products. It is also a source of news and information for those interested in football. In doing so, it strives to be at the cutting edge of technological advances and has used ‘Virtual Journalists’ in place of human reporters to allow for a wide scope for stories and features. Contributions from players help UMBRO.COM to become a leading football news source on the Internet. Using a range of elements, it is hoped that the site will create a community of youthful football lovers who will repeatedly visit the site for football news and features, as well as use it to buy any football equipment they desire.

UMBRO.COM must construct a promotional strategy that encourages young people to become regular users of their website. The case study offers you the opportunity to construct your own promotional plan or campaign for UMBRO.COM.  There are three stages that are important in the construction of this overall plan:

  • Market research
  • The key message
  • Media. | Transforming the marketplace