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Page 4: Market research

Before developing a promotional strategy designed to reach customers and reflect the positive values of a brand, it is necessary to construct a market research plan. Market research is necessary in order to understand the profile of the youthful customers targeted by the promotional campaign. It is also important for you to establish what perceptions members of the targeted market have of UMBRO.COM. You may wish to download images of the brand from the website to help with this part of the research.

Wants and needs

Umbro Com 6 Image 7Having established the needs and requirements of youthful customers as well as their views about the positive values associated with the brand, it is important to use research to find out what promotional mediums and messages would be effective in developing the image of the brand as well as values that would appeal to this younger audience.

You may wish to conduct a survey of members of this audience, either within your school or college or at your local sports club. Think about the methods of sampling you use. It is important at this stage that you use your ideas within your market research. For example, one of the greatest assets that Umbro could use is Michael Owen, a player who is particularly popular with the youth market.

Brand values

However, remember that you should work on developing positive brand values associated with Umbro and not seek to improve the image of this player. You should use assets as tools for your own purposes and not allow them to dominate your campaign. For example, young people should remember UMBRO.COM and not Michael Owen as a result of your promotions. Remember that the media you choose should target young audiences.

You may also need to think about specific regions to which you wish to aim your campaign. Although UMBRO.COM has a global audience as an Internet company, delivery costs are far higher outside the UK.

Think also about how you intend to present the results of your market research. You may wish to use a spreadsheet or integrate the results from your spreadsheet into PowerPoint. | Transforming the marketplace