Using promotion to campaign for public services
A UNISON case study

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Page 3: Promotion

The word ‘promotion’ conjures up images of advertisements through which organisations try to persuade consumers to buy goods and services. However, promotion is not simply about advertising. The promotional mix has a range of different communication tools. For instance, firms may use sales promotions, sponsorship, direct marketing and public relations within the mix. Each of these needs to be carefully tailored and designed to meet the objectives of the promotional campaign.

unison-3UNISON’s campaign was not intended to encourage individuals to buy goods and services. Instead it was trying to help individuals to understand some of the complicated messages coming from the media and government. In doing this it was helping them to buy into a set of beliefs. This would inform and then persuade individuals to sign up for the campaign. The AIDA model helps to show how the UNISON campaign captured the attention of UNISON members and the public.

There are many ways of using promotion to persuade and reassure people. To reach all of its different audiences, UNISON used a range of different techniques to encourage individuals to sign up for its campaign. The Million Voices campaign used a mix of older style techniques to reach people like television and press advertising. It also used newer techniques such as social media sites, viral video and the internet.

UNISON | Using promotion to campaign for public services