An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch
A United Biscuits case study

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Page 7: Conclusion

The Phileas Fogg Company has a culture that encourages risk taking and has always been well known for its ground breaking, distinctively eccentric, award winning advertising. It has a reputation for frequent new product development and exciting packaging (e.g. a triangular tortilla pack).

Because the company was born out of the hardship of industrial decline, employees have always been fiercely loyal to it. The challenge that faced UB following the acquisition of Phileas Fogg in 1992 was how to build on these core strengths with the added benefit of increased funding and resource without stifling the entrepreneurial spirit that built the brand.

The re-launch initiative has been a huge undertaking. Its impact can be seen across the complete Phileas Fogg product range and can be felt amongst all its employees some of whom research and travel the world looking for new, exciting taste and snacking experiences.

UB is committed to this exciting and enterprising approach. Re-inventing the Phileas Fogg brand demonstrates that all organisations need to create positive consumer led change.

United Biscuits | An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch