An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch
A United Biscuits case study

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Page 6: Making the change

To create a momentum for the change process, work patterns at Phileas Fogg were altered; people responsible for new product development were put into cross-functional teams. New products were developed and fast tracked to re-launch in record time.

Importantly, the organisation was prepared to take risks. Every single product was re-launched and the range was drastically cut to remove under-performing lines that were draining resources.

The aim was to radically change and modernise the Phileas Fogg brand, a process which involved the decision to remove the brand icon, the Victorian Phileas Fogg character. A significant amount of finance - £1.5m - was put behind the brand in the re-launch year. Great emphasis was placed on putting innovation back at the heart of the brand.

Because of its history, Phileas Fogg has always maintained a strong relationship with its employees. This relationship was further strengthened during the re-launch process. All Phileas Fogg employees were and continue to be kept informed of new developments and opportunities to ensure that new ideas are shared across the company.

The Phileas Fogg Company invited and paid for a range of employees from different functions from both management and the factory floor to travel the world and bring back fresh ideas. Pictures of the staff who travelled in search of new ideas are featured on the back of the new packs for all the world to see. The venture generated a host of new product ideas. Some of these have already been launched whilst others will be brought to market in years to come.

Whilst individual brand re-launches will often have specific evaluation criteria that need to be delivered, there are generic measures that most re-launches, including Phileas Fogg, have to achieve.

These include:

  • increases in distribution, particularly among major retail chains
  • improvements in both the brand's market share and
  • consumer penetration
  • increased levels of excitement and enthusiasm behind the brand amongst both the sales team and retailers
  • increased levels of media coverage and public interest in the re-launched brand.

United Biscuits | An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch