An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch
A United Biscuits case study

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Page 5: Preparing to change

In the world of food manufacture, products are continually being improved and altered to keep abreast with changing times. The process of improvement involves first finding out what consumers want, and then seeking to introduce changes to existing products to meet their needs. Having done this, companies can re-launch a brand or individual product lines using appropriate advertising and promotional techniques to convey the change.

In preparing for the re-launch of Phileas Fogg in June 2002, UB carried out vital preparatory work. The group:

  • 1worked with a number of leading entrepreneurs to discuss possible ways of rejuvenating the brand
  • 2carried out detailed market research to discover consumers' views
  • 3identified the core elements of the Phileas Fogg brand that needed to be retained. These were:
  • commitment to innovation
  • absolute integrity
  • ongoing research worldwide to identify new snacking experiences.

United Biscuits | An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch