The repositioning of Hobnobs
A United Biscuits case study

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There can be no doubt that Hobnobs are perceived by consumers as being a lively and interesting brand with a distinctive image. McVitie's therefore needs to build on the strength of the brand and make sure that the right sort of messages about the product are reaching a target audience of young adults with a sense of fun.

In creating an effective marketing strategy, marketers working for McVitie's have set out to:

  • use the strength of the brand name to reach the target market effectively via links with comedy and humour
  • encourage sampling at events relevant to the target market to encourage trial and (ultimately) adoption
  • appeal to a young target market without alienating the current broad user base (housewives)
  • reach the target audience through appropriate media (cinema, radio, satellite, TV, magazines)
  • use PR/sponsorship as a cost effective vehicle to increase awareness and develop brand personality.

United Biscuits | The repositioning of Hobnobs