Building an airline through brand values
A Virgin Atlantic case study

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Page 3: Brand values

Virgin Atlantic 3 Image 6Virgin Atlantic has successfully used branding to develop perceptions of a corporate personality, offering a unique combination of service elements and attributes, which serve to set themselves apart from the competition. In other words they have developed a ‘service brand’ symbolising both individualistic attributes and quality of service. This means that even consumers with limited opportunities for international travel who might not have yet experienced the brand, would choose Virgin if they were given a choice of airline, as the values represented through the brand would have influenced their choice.

The multiple qualities represented through the branding process have thus become a marketing tool of considerable strength. Before identifying Virgin Atlantic’s brand values, it is useful to look briefly at how brands appeal to consumers. Brands appeal to consumers through:

  • THOUGHT - Brands have a rational appeal which is logical and relates to what they can do. For example, they have to perform what they are supposed to do on the basis of points of difference.
  • SENSATION - Brands appeal to senses. For example, design features, how the brand looks and the opportunities they provide for new experiences.
  • FEELING - Brands go further than logic to deal with emotion. These values and all they represent appeal to the innermost feelings of many consumers.
  • INTUITION - Consumers react instinctively to brands which they feel are for ‘people like them!'

The foremost brand value created by Virgin Atlantic is for providing the best possible service at the best possible value at all times. The airline guarantees the passenger is foremost at all times and this is apparent in all aspects of its service. At the same time, consumers regard it as a distinctive, fun-loving and highly innovative brand which is admired for its qualities of friendliness, intelligence and integrity.

Virgin Atlantic | Building an airline through brand values