Motivating and engaging employees for better business
A Virgin Media case study

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Page 2: What is motivation?

Virgin Media 18 Image 6Motivation is the driving force behind actions and behaviour. It leads individuals to take action to achieve a goal or to fulfil a need or expectation. Understanding what motivates employees at work ensures that a business not only has employees that have the knowledge, skill and ability to do the job, but who are also committed to achieve a high standard of work. There are many positive behaviours that indicate employees are motivated including taking responsibility, helping colleagues, a commitment to achieving company targets and goals, as well as interest and concern for the business. On the other hand negative behaviours can be indicators of demotivated employees. These behaviours include poor timekeeping, high levels of absenteeism, avoiding responsibility and poor customer service all of which can impact on business performance.

As individuals we are all different and therefore are motivated by different factors at work. Virgin Media considers the welfare of its employees a priority and understands that engaging and motivating its people benefits its customers, the business and also the individuals involved. Virgin Media has also worked to understand the key drivers of engagement for its people; those areas which have the greatest engagement impact. This has lead to targeted engagement practices business wide.

‘It is impossible to win the loyalty of customers without first winning the loyalty of employees.’

Customer satisfaction

Virgin Media 18 Image 10Virgin Media understands there is a direct link between motivated employees and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is measured using a monitoring and measurement tool called Net Promoter® which measures and scores customer experience data. Customers rate their experience out of 10. Customers giving a score of 9 or 10 are advocates that are likely to talk positively about Virgin Media. The data is then used to improve both the customer and employee experience.

The following sections explore some of the key theorists who have contributed to our understanding of motivation in the workplace.

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