Implementing a new vision at Virgin Trains
A Virgin Trains case study

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Page 5: Reviewing the vision

New principles of working are only effective if they work in practice.

Virgin Trains sees the culture change programme as ongoing. It is important to review the whole process regularly in order to ensure that the change in culture is embedded and that it is helping to meet organisational objectives.

The culture change programme is not just about engaging with passengers. It is also about meeting all objectives (including those for profit) in the most efficient way.

Key performance indicators

Setting Key Performance Indicators helps a business measure achievement. These measures or targets can show how far a business has moved towards its objectives. KPIs used by Virgin Trains include:

  • reducing sickness levels
  • lowering staff turnover rates
  • improving customer satisfaction ratings
  • reducing numbers of complaint letters.

Virgin Trains has improved in all of these areas.  Virgin Trains' employees are prepared to challenge decisions and ideas put forward by managers, enabling the company to save and make money. Cost savings have come as a direct result of implementing the vision.

An example of this was the 'Through ticket to Huddersfield', which the Manchester team developed and implemented. Customers previously had to purchase a new ticket for the second part of their journey on changing trains. Virgin Trains saw a customer need and were empowered to put the new ticket in place. This now generates income.

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