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Page 7: Vodafone UK, Ferrari and Formula 1 products - building public relations

Public relations (PR) is the planned, sustained effort an organisation makes to establish, develop and build relationships with its many publics. Links that Vodafone has built with its partners (including Manchester United and Ferrari) provide excellent positive public relations. In an information hungry society, many people want to know about key events and breaking news. Consumers want information whilst on the move - hence the need for modern phones which give far more control and access to information. Providing up-to-the-minute sports services is a winning formula , and is one that is providing Vodafone with plenty of positive press coverage, word-of-mouth and public relations.

Vodafone has provided a range of value added services that form part of its sponsorship package of Ferrari and Formula 1. Examples include:

'Grand Prix on the Fone' Generic Alerts

Customers can obtain wide-ranging updates texted to their Vodafone mobiles for every race of the 2003 Formula 1 season. They can even follow their favourite team, with lap speeds and times, positions of drivers and constructors as well as the drivers points table after the race. With Vodafone live!, it will be possible to compliment this service with up to the minute images, technical drawings, circuit layouts and graphics showing the grid order.

Ferrari news

Exclusive news from Ferrari texted to phones includes comments from Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and team manager Jean Todt. In addition there are exclusive results from Ferrari's test track on every day of testing, as well as key announcements from Ferrari (e.g. new driver signings) all through the year.

Grand Prix Quiz Trivia Game

This service is tied to races during the Formula 1 season. To win Ferrari merchandise prizes, players must be the quickest to answer 5 Ferrari Trivia questions.

Ferrari Ringtones and Icons

This service allows you to customise your phone with exclusive Ferrari logos, pictures, screensavers and ringtones.

Ferrari content on Vodafone live!

Ferrari content is particularly suited to Vodafone live! being provided in colour and pictures. Users can access regular alerts including pictures, that can be banked as wallpaper or sent on to friends.

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