Building a local retail strategy
A Yorkshire Building Society case study

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Page 6: Identifying categories of branches

Yorkshire Building Society 7 Image 2The exercise identified three main categories of branches, according to their particular characteristics. Not all branches fitted a category perfectly, of course, some were 'a little bit of this, and rather more of that'. Some branches were found to have many existing customers, giving a higher market share than would be expected. Customers in these branches typically buy a wide range of products. These branches operate in markets in the Society's heartland where it is very well known.

Other branches were found to have significant opportunities for growth, largely because the Society currently has a low market share and the brand is less well known. In the final category Yorkshire Building Society was found to have a relatively high market share but customers might typically buy only one or two products from the Yorkshire Building Society (eg a mortgage and house insurance). This under-buying opens up significant opportunities to engage in additional cross-selling of new products (saving schemes, holiday insurance, etc).

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