A customer-centred approach to providing insurance
A Zurich case study

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Page 2: Vision

12780821151An organisation’s vision is a clear statement of what it seeks to achieve. The vision should inspire everyone associated with the organisation. It should motivate employees to strive to achieve the vision. If the vision sets out what an organisation seeks to achieve, then it needs to have a means to fulfil that vision. The means to achieve the vision is termed a strategy.

Zurich’s vision is set out in this way: ‘At Zurich, we aspire to become the best global insurer as measured by our customers, our shareholders and our people.’  To achieve this aim, Zurich’s strategy involves being effective in the key areas that add value to its stakeholders.

Adding value is the process of increasing the market value of a product. It is a key part of ensuring stakeholder satisfaction. Zurich’s key value-adding activities are:

  • meeting customers’ real needs – this is what the company means by customer centricity
  • providing products and services where and when customers want them
  • making sure that all of the processes involved in providing financial services are done effectively.

 Adding value

All staff play a role in making sure that the value-adding activities are done efficiently. Responsibility does not solely lie with the top managers. It is important to look after the people that work for Zurich. Team members that are well-trained and motivated will deliver a better service to customers. This is an important part of people management.

It is important to monitor a strategy to ensure it is effective. This will show whether an organisation’s vision is becoming a reality. For Zurich this involves measuring:

  • customer centricity
  • shareholder value
  • being the employer of choice.

Zurich | A customer-centred approach to providing insurance