Creating quality customer care
A Zurich case study

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Page 5: Benefits of managing quality

There are costs involved in setting up systems to manage and improve quality. It requires staff to spend time in training or in monitoring processes. It requires investment in quality measurement systems.

Zurich 17 Image 3The costs of running large-scale customer surveys are significant both in time and money. However, direct feedback is essential in order that a business understands what its customers think about its service and, importantly, what it can do next to increase their loyalty. A quality-conscious business recognises that these costs are a good investment and that the benefits of managing quality outweigh these costs.

Providing quality services delivers benefits to the business. It can gain savings from having more efficient staff and processes, higher productivity and fewer rework costs. Some benefits are harder to measure but also add value within the business, such as improved staff morale and motivation. These help to retain staff, build experience within the business and save on recruitment costs.

Good quality should also be reflected in the bottom line – in sales and profits. In many service industries, the quality of service is the key factor that helps a business to outperform its rivals. High levels of customer care create high levels of customer satisfaction which can give the business a competitive advantage.

In the Financial Services industry, products and prices can appear very similar to customers so customer care is the differentiating factor between providers. Customers that have a positive experience are much more likely to renew their policies, buy other products and services and recommend the company to others. Not managing quality could lead to disappointed customers, who could easily choose to take their business elsewhere. Zurich's customer care sets it apart from others in the industry, maximising potential to retain its customers.

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