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3 Steps to Tackling DIY For Your Business

DIY business makeovers
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Sooner or later, most businesses need a good old facelift after years of good service to customers. Whether you opt for an office makeover or a full rebrand, giving your business some occasional TLC can do wonders for boosting your customer base, and freshening up your company’s brand message.

If you’re looking for tips on tackling DIY for your business, here are three steps to success when you’re putting a hammer to a nail.

1. Go For a Refit

If you’ve had the same business premises for a few years, you might find that the environment can begin to get tired quickly. Perhaps the size of your business has changed, or the old layout is no longer fit for purpose and needs a re-shuffle.

Instead of patching up your office or shop, you might find it easier to do a full refit and refurbish the whole premises. If you’re on a low budget and need to tackle the refit alone, then getting yourself some high quality tool storage from retailers like Collated Fasteners can help to set you up for a successful refurbishment.

Their range of tool bags and safety accessories will keep you comfortable and safe during a long day of DIY work, and the high quality products will see you a long way beyond your refit journey towards any future projects you encounter.

2. Go For a New Sign

If you have a shop front sign, why not treat yourself to a brand new design, or an updated aesthetic? Shop front signs are essential for helping to draw kerbside customers in for a browse, but also to earmark your presence on the high street for anyone purposefully looking for your business.

If you need a new shop sign, retailers like UK Sign Shop are adept at creating a brand new sign for your company’s needs. Choose from hanging signs, acrylic signs, sandwich boards and more to accessorise your company on a high street level and give you that much needed visibility boost to the public.

DIY business makeovers
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3. Use a Colour Scheme

If you don’t already have a colour scheme for your business, now is the time to get one! Colour schemes can be hugely influential for a company and easily become the heart of your brand identity.

Not only are colour schemes eye-catching, but they can subtly remind a customer of your business every time they see that colour. On a larger scale, royal purple is a good example of this colour association – British people often associate it with Cadbury’s chocolate, and red is the universal colour for Coca Cola.

If you want to create a colour scheme for your company, ensure you replicate it on all your branding and associated documents, signs and even office accessories. This will create some brand continuity and keep you in the forefront of the customer’s mind whenever they encounter it away from your company premises.

To see how your chosen colour scheme would look on your shop walls, you can use tools like Dulux’s online Colour Chart. This will help you find the perfect shade to represent your business.

Do you have any tips for tackling DIY for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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