Building community partnerships
An Abbey National case study

Page 1: Introduction

In recent years, there has been a profound change in the financial services industry, with increasing competition coming from companies not normally associated with this market.Formerly a building society focusing on mortgages and savings, Abbey National converted to a public limited company (plc) in 1989, which enabled the company to diversify into other areas of financial services, including...
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Page 2: Shared interests

Not so long ago, businesses in this country had a tendency to be inward looking, measuring their performance purely in terms of internal targets and neglecting the impact of the business on the wider community. The business effectively drew a boundary between its own activities and the outside world.Today, fortunately, this approach has been discredited. Modern organisations recognise that there...
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Page 3: Partnerships and empowerment

Abbey National has conducted a further review of its community investment strategy and believes it can help the community to flourish and prosper in the future by focusing on disability, education and employment issues. These are topical issues which lie at the heart of Government policy and future action. Abbey National has therefore focused its future Community Investment Strategy on these...
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Page 4: Community partnerships

To enable staff to make effective contributions to the community Abbey National has set out to support them in these ways: matched donations of cash to support individual and team charity fund-raising activity developing company-led initiatives, such as the Helping Hands Community Partnership Programme, which gives Abbey National employees new opportunities to get involved availability of small...
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Page 5: Disability

Disability has become a key component of Abbey National’s community initiatives, particularly in relation to access, both physical and intellectual, to the educational, employment and recreational opportunities of the able bodied world. The Abbey National Charitable Trust’s commitment to disability issues is reflected in recent donations to these projects: building ramps to improve...
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Page 6: Conclusion

It is accepted today that large organisations like Abbey National have wider responsibilities. Abbey National recognises the importance of developing a strong and well focused community partnership programme. Such programmes need to be targeted at areas of community involvement where there will be the greatest possible benefits both for the organisation and the community. In the case of Abbey...
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