Acas and effective workplaces
An Acas case study

Page 1: Introduction

As markets become increasingly competitive it is essential that employers and employees have a good working relationship and are pulling in the same direction. The employmentrelationship can have a major effect on productivity and the success of a business. Staff relations Increasingly, all types of organisations refer to how they aim to treat staff, in descriptions of their...
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Page 2: Working towards effective workplaces

Acas believes that effective workplaces are determined by the right behaviour, supported by policies and procedures. Acas has a clear description of its view of an effective workplace - The Acas Model Workplace which organisations can use to assess how close they are to best practice. Acas works with organisations to move towards the Model. Acas believes the key features...
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Page 3: Communication and consultation

A company's performance is determined by that of its employees. They will be most effective if they know where they stand (e.g. their duties, obligations and rights) and feel involved in the company's future by taking part in decisions and being well informed. This is particularly important when dealing with change.  Communication and consultation are essential to an effective workplace (as...
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Page 4: Acas services

Resolving large scale disputes (collective conciliation) Although it is the area that most people associate with Acas, only around 10% of its staff work on this. Over the last five years the number of such disputes has been around 1,000 a year and Acas has traditionally become involved once parties have reached a stalemate. It also works with organisations at an earlier...
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Page 5: Equality, diversity and effective workplaces

Equality and diversity The workforce and working patterns are changing. The working population is getting older, especially since the removal of the default retirement age in 2011, and there are more women and men from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Employees rightly expect to be treated fairly and considerately. This expectation is generally supported by the law. It is unlawful to...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Good working relationships are vital for every organisation. The health of the UK economy is determined by the performance of all these organisations added together. The government set up Acas to help employers and employees avoid disputes and resolve them where necessary. As an impartial organisation trusted by all sides, Acas encourages them to work closer together. Acas helps organisations to...
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