Aldi have undergone a makeover in the last few years, coming out of the financial crisis as one of the leading supermarkets/discounters. They boast a wide range of award winning food and drink, rivalling many of their competitors.

The company’s emphasis on quality and their witty marketing campaign have paid off, attracting customers who go far beyond their traditional target markets. Alastair Lockhart, head of insight at Savvy Marketing, has revealed:

“A combination of new store openings, changes in shopper’s perceptions and the painful economic downturn have all helped discounters to enjoy significant market share gains and step up their game.”

Aldi are, for many, the go-to supermarket, ensuring both quality and affordability, and continue to broaden their appeal, especially among the 18-24 bracket. (Retail Times, 25th February 2014)

For more on Aldi’s marketing strategies, check out their case study:

‘Creating value through the marketing mix – An Aldi case study’