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Page 4: Satinique - the launch of a new product

After several years of research and development, Amway has produced new Satinique, a range of products using one of the most advanced hair care technologies available today. It uses the Ceramide Infusion System and to understand how it works requires some knowledge of the structure of the human hair.

Hair is comprised of three layers: the medulla, which is the soft spongy core of the hair shaft. The cortex is an inner layer that gives the hair its strength, elasticity and texture and determines its thickness and colour. Finally, the cuticle, which is the outer protective layer of tiny overlapping scales. When these scales are smooth, hair will look healthy and shiny. Ceramides, found naturally in the hair combine with proteins and smooth down the scales, locking in the moisture and keeping the hair looking healthy.

Modern life styles and the environment can prevent this happening. Hair styling, chemical processes, pollution and UV rays can open up these cuticle layers, causing the hair to become dry and brittle, allowing the moisture to escape and the hair to lose its shine.

The Ceramide Infusion System is designed to reverse this problem with a formula which includes natural ceramides, protein and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, a moisturising agent, to penetrate the hair and restore its nutrients.

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