Investing in people and in brands
An Audi UK case study

Page 2: Franchises and the supply chain

The franchised Audi Centres are independent, service sector businesses that buy cars from Audi UK - the sole official importer of the cars (another service sector business). Audi UK buys the cars from Audi AG in Germany. This is the secondary sector business that manufactures Audi cars.

As they are independent, Audi Centres are free to run their own businesses as they see fit in accordance with Audi Centre standards. As the Audi experience is determined by that in the Audi Centre, Audi UK sets out to help the Audi Centre re-inforce consistent Brand values in the showroom and service centre.

Each Audi Centre is supported through investments in modern buildings and new showrooms and more importantly, in people and processes. Audi sets out to improve the customer experienceand make it more memorable, so customers want to tell their friends.

A training and development programme has also been designed to encourage employees to think of themselves as a team that can contribute to identifying and delivering improvements in meeting the customers' requirements.

Audi UK | Investing in people and in brands


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