Achieving Better Public Services - The Work of the Audit Commission
An Audit Commission case study

Page 1: Introduction

Living in a safe community that provides such a wide range of public services is easy to take for granted. Even as students, the list of all the products and facilities that are provided for you is endless. The roads, schools and colleges, sports centres, parks, youth clubs, services of the police, hospitals, ambulances, teachers and nurses are all supplied by public money to create a certain...
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Page 2: Roles

Working for the Audit Commission gives individuals an opportunity to help make local services better. This improves the lives of those who depend upon such services. Within the Audit Commission, there are many different jobs with varying levels of duties. They may start in junior posts, where staff might be involved with a range of administrative activities. It is possible for them to move...
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Page 3: Mini studies

Helen - project manager Helen is a project manager in the Audit Commission. Before working for the company, she was a recruitment consultant. She was firstly employed on a six-week contract but decided to stay because of the class of projects she was asked to work on. She feels that: 'It's been great having a chance to prove to myself that I can apply my skills to totally unknown territory and...
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Page 4: Competencies

In order to use staff well, modern organisations focus their attention upon specialist skills, such as those required by the qualified accountants who work for the Audit Commission. They also concentrate upon a range of other ways of behaving and doing their job. Having this broad focus helps an organisation reach its mission more easily. Core competencies are the standards that people have...
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Page 5: Training and development

Every member of staff at the Audit Commission has a personal development plan. Staff may be given on-the-job training in the workplace. This is where training courses and workshops are run for specific events. They can also get the opportunity to do off-the-job training outside the place of work. The chances the Audit Commission provides for self-development may involve secondments of three...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Audit Commission has a vital role in helping to improve public services by auditing financial information, efficiency and value. To do this well, it needs good-quality staff, not just in the area of accounting, but also in a host of other different roles. Competencies and training are all geared to ensuring that its activities and advice are of the highest quality. This is so everyone in...
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