Targeting a market segment
An Australia case study

Page 1: Introduction

In recent years, Australia has become an increasingly desirable holiday destination for UK travellers due to its diversity as a travel destination, beaches, outback, rainforests, city lifestyle and adventure. This is also the result of cheap flights and the strength of the £ sterling against the Australian dollar; more than 50% of all European arrivals are from the UK. In addition the UK...
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Page 2: Market segmentation

It is generally recognised that marketers cannot develop strategies that appeal to all buyers in all markets: a broad sweep to catch all does not work.  This is because buyers have different characteristics and needs as well as different ways of going about buying. Rather than trying to compete within an entire market in a broad, unfocused way, organisations have to recognise and identify...
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Page 3: Targeting

An efficient marketing mix targets certain segments and then devises a specific package for each segment.  For example, YIT’s are typically single students who make their own travel arrangements.  Many are on a ‘gap year’ and travel either on their own or with friends.  YIT’s see themselves as travellers seeking experiences rather than as tourists seeing...
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Page 4: Meeting the needs of younger travellers

The marketer’s job is to understand consumers’ attitudes towards products and to translate their positive support or interest into some form of action. When trying to convert consumers’ expressed interest in visiting Australia into actual visitation, the starting point is to understand the behaviour of targeted consumers. For example, European long-haul travellers view...
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Page 5: Targeting younger travellers

A marketing communicator starts with a clear target audience in mind. Having targeted the youth market, it was important to develop a message that elicited an appropriate response. The aim of the communication process was to encourage young people not just to think about, but to make a decision to go to Australia. With young travellers, the approach was to communicate the aspects of Australia that...
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Page 6: Conclusion

ATC’s experience in recent years exemplifies the potential rewards that stem from a disciplined and focused approach to marketing. Know your product and its attributes. Identify your potential customers. Determine how best to engage their interest and commitment. It’s a familiar formula, and it works.
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