The stockbroking revolution
A Barclays Stockbrokers case study

Page 1: Introduction

In recent years, there has been a radical transformation in the way in which stocks and shares are traded. At one time, if a member of the public or an organisation wanted to buy or sell stocks and shares, he or she had to pay for the services of specialist stockbrokers and stockjobbers who had the exclusive right to trade and work on the Stock Exchange floor. This form of share trading worked...
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Page 2: The role of stockbrokers

A stockbroking firm is the link between the investor and the stock market. The firm’s role is to obtain the best price available for the investor’s shares whether they are buying or selling. A stockbroker can also deal with all the paperwork involved in transactions in stocks, such as Giltedged securities and shares, which leaves the investor free to concentrate on his or her...
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Page 3: Types of service

An investor must decide on the type of service he or she requires and how much he or she is prepared to spend on commission charges and advice. The most basic and cheapest stockbroking service is known as execution only. This means that an investor merely instructs the broker to buy or sell on his or her behalf, either a fixed number of shares or shares up to a certain value. Orders are normally...
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Page 4: Current modes of buying/selling

The principal method of trading is by telephone. For example, Barclays Stockbrokers has a service known as ShareDeal which is ideal for the occasional transaction or for those frequent traders who prefer to hold their own certificates. A client can use the scheme simply by calling the local rate ShareDeal line and telling a stockbroker what he or she wants to buy or sell. The transaction is...
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Page 5: Getting the message across

In launching the new Internet service, it will be important to promote the main selling points and benefits. The message is simple: ‘Barclays Stockbrokers real time online trading - is the first of its kind in the UK; your price is confirmed as you are on the Net. It is not a message service like other stockbroking sites. The service is easy to use, has an attractive layout and interface...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Internet is now driving the pace of change in international financial markets. This case study shows how Barclays Stockbrokers is leading the ‘stockbroking revolution’ with the launch of its electronic stockbroking site.
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