Money markets and more
A Bloomberg case study

Page 1: Introduction

The business environment of today is more complex, faster moving and more volatile than ever. In order to survive in such an environment, businesses need to make decisions faster, responding to customer needs, responding to competitive pressures, hiring good people and getting them into production as fast as possible. The delivery of fast accurate information and analysis is the key for both...
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Page 2: Developing an entrepreneurial culture

As a fast expanding and rapidly developing business, Bloomberg is considered ‘entrepreneurial’. This means that even though they are a large business they have a small company ethos through which employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas and take ownership of the projects that they themselves create. This results in a workforce that is empowered to take control of their own...
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Page 3: Tailoring products for the market

Bloomberg has products for a wide range of businesses which take from the system the elements most pertinent to them. Bloomberg News With over 750 Bloomberg journalists reporting from 80 different cities around the world together with feeds from other news agencies and research from brokerage houses, the data on the Bloomberg Professional is supplemented by news stories explaining and analysing...
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Page 4: Consumer profiling

With all types of media it is important to develop a consumer profile of the people who are accessing the channel. This is particularly important for providing a targeted basis for advertising, as well as further development and refining of products. Bloomberg Television viewers are largely professionals who work for international companies and travel on business regularly. It reaches 183...
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Page 5: Digital developments

Bloomberg Interactive Television (BIT) As key developments take place during this digital era on the web, Bloomberg has been at the forefront of the development of interactive television. This allows the consumer to customise the content of their screen to show exactly what they want to see at any one time. The great benefit of using the web is that groups of people can be carefully targeted...
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Page 6: Conclusion

ew industries have changed as much as that of financial services in recent years.Bloomberg has developed a unique position within the financial services industry by providing a range of information services serving customers across the world. Whether the information is disseminated across the computer screen on the trading floor, onto the TV set in a person’s home, to the newspaper or the...
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