Creating an entrepreneurial partnership
A Boots case study

Page 1: Introduction

Cosmetics is a huge and fast growing industry comprising fragrances, traditional cosmetics, beauty and skin-care preparations as well as many different hair care and toiletry products. These are sold in a variety of ways: through Boots department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies as well as other outlets and direct sales. Brands play a key role within this industry. Through names, terms, signs or...
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Page 2: Developing the idea

One key feature of an entrepreneur is creativity and having good ideas. When you have a good idea and think that the goal is achievable, it is important to accept that challenge and have the confidence to follow it through. Ruby and Millie have considerable creative energy and enthusiasm that complements their experience of the beauty industry. Knowing the industry well, they identified a gap in...
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Page 3: Developing the product

The Boots Company possesses a vast wealth of experience, expertise, raw materials and equipment. It was prepared to take on-board the ideas of Ruby and Millie and to invest a lot of time, effort and money into the range, while Ruby and Millie used their personal experience and skills to contribute their in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge fashion. It was like having a huge kitchen with the finest...
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Page 4: Creating a niche brand

A niche brand is one that specialises in meeting the needs of customers in a particular market position. A niche brand only succeeds if the company has in-depth knowledge of the target group so its needs can be served more precisely. 300 different products have been produced and since the Ruby & Millie brand was launched in sleek, simple, stylish and futuristic silver and Perspex packaging...
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Page 5: Brand attributes

Key to the product positioning of the Ruby & Millie brand has been the personal profiles and specialist skills of Ruby and Millie themselves, which appeals to consumers who want more than just a set of products. This is because the brand is correctly perceived, through solid PR support, to have been developed by opinion leaders in the market. Ruby’s role is to shape make-up fashions...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The British and international fashion and beauty press embraced the Ruby & Millie brand. Many elements outperformed their original sales forecast. Best sellers included lipgloss and the cream eye colour, both packed in brush-tipped pens designed by the Japanese company Mitsubishi. The Ruby & Millie brand has given Boots The Chemists added kudos and credibility in the cosmetics market...
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