Supporting international trade
A British Trade International case study

Page 1: Introduction

One of the biggest challenges for business organisations in the UK is learning how and where to trade overseas. In an interdependent world, international trade is an economic necessity. However, there are marked differences between trading in a national economy with known markets and known parameters, and trading on an international basis. Business organisations require support to enter markets as...
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Page 2: Marketing intelligence

British Trade International’s Export Market Information Centre possesses an extensive range of publications and statistics relating to businesses worldwide. It may be accessed in person, by telephone, fax or e-mail. Making the most of IT and the Internet is another major step in improving services to UK businesses. A new Internet service, TradeUK, provides information on sales leads gathered...
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Page 3: Why do UK companies export?

A presence in overseas markets will help business organisations to achieve: increased growth leading to the benefits of economies of scale - larger production runs reduce costs a competitive edge - exposure to intensive competition, new products and ideas, more efficient technologies and better working practices higher earnings where margins in some markets exceed those in the domestic one the...
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Page 4: Exporting success - Genesis Tilemates

The 1998 Grand Champion Export Award Winner for Smaller Businesses states, 'Genesis Tilemates has a dedicated and thorough approach to developing new markets.' Genesis Tilemates manufactures products for the construction industry that add a final touch to floors and walls. A range of over 400 profiles made from PVC and metals form the primary product line, finishing off edges, minimising damage...
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Page 5: Benefits of Government support

The UK is one of the world’s major trading nations. Income from the sale of goods and services overseas represents almost 30% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product. These are the earnings generated through British organisations and their investments both within and outside the UK. Compare that with the United States and Japan, whose shares of exports in GDP terms are much lower at...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Overseas trade is fundamentally important for British businesses and the British economy. The economic benefits of entering other markets outweigh the disadvantages and risks, regardless of the size of the trading organisation. The assistance British Trade International gives to UK businesses in international trade is vital. It maintains a hold on these risks and helps to anticipate ways of...
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