Using IT in sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Internet is a powerful means for organisations to communicate with customers. A well constructed website enhances marketing and selling activities. Marketing is concerned with identifying, anticipating and meeting customer needs. Selling is the provision of solutions to buyers’ needs and requirements. A website is an extension to a company’s off-line brand. Within the current...
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Page 2: Competitive advantage through the Internet

In the late 1990s most major UK companies were seeking to develop an Internet presence, because those without this means of communication would rapidly fall behind competitors with an Internet presence. Since 1997 there has been a dramatic increase in the percentage of the population online in the UK. The successful organisation of the future will communicate through traditional and modern...
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Page 3: Monitoring the website

It is essential to critically evaluate the success of the website. When Internet surfers make a 'hit' (visit to the site) they are providing useful marketing information for the host site. Therefore, a monitoring and analysis system runs in parallel to the website. The system provides information on the: country of origin of the enquiry most popular area of the website least popular area of the...
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Page 4: Evaluating ICT strategy

For Bryant's strategy to be deemed successful it will require a user base that has an ongoing relationship with the site – a relationship that can be quantified in terms of value. So how effective is the website? The industry belief is that if your potential customer does not get to where he/she wants to go to in three mouse clicks, then you will lose that customer. It was therefore...
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Page 5: Lessons learned

What are the key lessons that Bryant Homes has learnt so far from using the Internet? Managing expectation It is of little use achieving more hits and leads through the Internet if there are no resources to process them. As people request information through the website they will expect a speedy response. If it is not fulfilled quickly this gives a negative vibe to the customer. The original...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Bryant Homes has moved with the times to embrace the new technology of the Internet in creating a website that enables better ongoing communication with customers. The site enables more elaborate marketing - finding out what customers want - and selling – providing customers with appropriate solutions. Bryant Homes must now evaluate the way in which it uses its website to ensure continuous...
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