Creating world class quality standards
A BSI case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Successful businesses meet customer requirements. Customers expect products and services to meet certain standards and a Standard is a document that gives guidance on achieving this. It acts as a set of rules or guidelines for everyone involved in producing goods, managing a process or delivering a service. BSI was the pioneer in creating quality and safety standards. It is the UK's National...
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Page 2: What is quality?

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Quality is defined by the customer. A quality product or service meets customer requirements. Not all customers have the same requirements. Two products may both be seen as quality products by their different users. For example, a village football team might be happy with a good football that they can kick around in a Sunday afternoon fixture. In contrast, the England football team would...
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Page 3: Why are standards important?

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There are a number of levels of standards creation. The highest level International Standards is the most complex. It requires the widest level of agreement between those creating the standards. These standards have to satisfy the needs of the different groups represented, such as industrial, trade and consumer groups of all of the countries involved. ISO is an international standard and...
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Page 4: Quality products

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A quality product is one that meets the requirements of its user. For example, a motorcyclist would want to purchase a helmet that had met tough road safety tests. BSI is an independent, non-governmental organisation that offers product testing and certification services as part of its business. BSI works with many different types of organisations, including commercial and private companies...
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Page 5: Quality processes

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Businesses that work with international standards can create quality systems covering every aspect of their business. For example, a number of organisations work with BSI to create Quality Management Systems (QMS). To achieve ISO 9001, organisations must meet eight quality management principles. These include: customer focus leadership commitment to quality by the leaders of the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Today we live in a complex global economy. Relationships are frequently built on reputations for supplying quality products, services and processes. BSI plays a key role in creating the standards and in testing. As international trade, travel and communications increase, international standards are used to enable products to be traded across Europe and worldwide. BSI is actively involved in...
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