Implementing quality systems
A BSI case study

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Today, the majority of UK output has moved to services. So, in addition to providing standards for products and materials, BSI creates standards for services and systems, including management systems. It leads the development of standards for many important new areas of business activity. These include:

  • improvement of utility billing services (e.g. gas and electricity suppliers)
  • products being developed with new technologies e.g. nano technology (the creation of miniature products and processes)
  • implementation of web design processes, to ensure characteristics like usability and readability.

BSI is a global group of companies, offering a wide range of standards-related services including certification and product testing.


The 'British Standards' division - the part that creates the standards - also serves as the UK's National Standards Body. Some of its funds come from the government for promoting and protecting UK interests worldwide, as well as helping British businesses to be innovative and competitive.

The rest comes from commercial activities e.g. selling standards to a wide range of companies including SMEs, providing advice and training and selling books/guides explaining how to meet and get the most from using standards.

BSI | Implementing quality systems


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