Welcome to issue 4, this week we are looking at Social Responsibility and Ethics

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Business Environment

Social Responsibility and Ethics

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the responsibility that modern business organisations have to creating a healthy and prosperous society. Businesses do not work in isolation, e.g. the products and services that they provide are consumed by large numbers of consumers, their employees are part of wider communities, in which they have responsibilities to families and other social groupings.

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Beyond corporate social responsibility

Like many retail fashion businesses, Primark does not manufacture goods itself. Its expertise lies in understanding its customers and working with its suppliers to produce goods to Primark’s specification. It then gets the right goods to the right places at the right prices. Its profitability depends on sheer volume of sales. Primark’s value-for-money prices rely on low costs. These are achieved in part through economies of scale and efficient distribution.

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Coca Cola

The importance of social responsibility

A good business is also a good citizen. As well as making a profit by supplying products or services that people want to buy, it can be a positive influence on the rest of society, including – in the case of multinationals – local communities spread across the globe. An enlightened business recognises that it is in its own interests to be socially responsible, since an enhanced public image is more likely to be attractive to investors, employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and host governments.

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Stakeholders as partners

Communicating with stakeholders

Using teamwork to build a better workplace

Using sports marketing to engage with consumers

Developing competitive advantage through customer service

Roles and Responsibilities

Engaging with stakeholders

Investment appraisal in action

Delivering a business strategy

Competitive advantage through diversity

Delivering appropriate leadership styles

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