Business Case Studies – Learn ‘Strategy’ – Issue 2

Welcome to issue 2, this week we are looking at strategy.

Business Strategy

A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends (objectives). It can simply be described as a long-term business planning. Typically a business strategy will cover a period of about 3-5 years (sometimes even longer). A business strategy is concerned with major resource issues e.g. raising the finance to build a new factory or plant. Strategies are also concerned with deciding on what products to allocate major resources to – for example when Coca-Cola launched….

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Developing ethical business strategies

A mission statement and business aims identify the core purpose of the business and the goals that it wants to achieve. Business strategy refers to the set of plans that a business adopts in order to achieve its aims. A mission statement outlines the core values of a business and can form the backbone for all strategic decisions. CIMA’s mission is ‘Helping people and businesses to succeed’. This mission is supported by CIMA’s aim ‘Our goal is to establish management accounting, represented by the CGMA designation, as the most valued profession in business’. These values shape the way CIMA does business and will affect the organisation’s….

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Exam-style questions

1. Describe what is meant by the term ‘ethics’ in business. (2 marks)
2. Explain the difference between objectives and tactics. (4 marks)
3.  Analyse why an ethical approach is so central to the role of CIMA qualified management accountants. (6 marks)
4. Evaluate the extent to which a management accountant can contribute to a successful business strategy. (8 marks)

Vision, values and business strategies

Tesco’s continuing success depends on it reassessing and formulating clear business strategies. Tesco aims to improve customer loyalty and its core UK business in order to help it develop the shopping experience for its customers. It committed £1 billion to an investment programme to achieve this. Strategies to improve competitiveness were then developed. The driving forces behind these strategies are price, quality, range and innovation as well as delivering great multichannel customer service, for example, through its ‘Click & Collect’ service…….

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Exam-style questions

1. Describe what a vision is. (2 marks)
2. Explain how Tesco’s values help support its seven part strategy. (4 marks)
3. State Tesco’s core purpose and analyse the importance of strategic planning in helping it to achieve its core purpose. (6 marks)
4.  Using data in the case study, evaluate the extent to which Tesco’s vision and values affect its success. (8 marks)

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Meeting business needs through training and development

Stakeholders as partners

Communicating with stakeholders

Using teamwork to build a better workplace

Using sports marketing to engage with consumers

Developing competitive advantage through customer service

Roles and Responsibilities

Engaging with stakeholders

Investment appraisal in action

Delivering a business strategy

Competitive advantage through diversity

Delivering appropriate leadership styles

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  • Decision making across the business cycle
  • Managing firms through the business cycle
  • Planning and the business cycle
  • Helping individuals and companies that are in financial difficulties

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