A business needs to ensure its strategies remain valid and relevant in a changing business environment.  Ekta Kapoor, the creative head of Balaji Telefilms, was India’s top producer of hit TV soaps until running into difficulties three years ago.  However, in 2009-10, the two channels that aired most of Balaji’s serials, took them off-air.  Kapoor’s production house revenues went down 50% to $30m and net profits dropped by a similar percentage to $3m. (BBC, 30th January 2012)

To meet the crisis at Balaji Telefilms, Kapoor needed to revise her business strategy: with a new CEO in place, Balaji decided to produce content across various platforms – TV, internet and big screen.  ‘I wanted Balaji to become an all-entertainment company that provides content for all viewers,’ Kapoor said.

TNT Express, the market leader in the provision of business-to-business delivery services needs to ensure its business strategy can consistently deliver the high standards of service its customers have come to expect.  TNT’s Strategy Map is not only a practical guide but also the means by which the company demonstrates how its strategies of innovation, operational excellence and customer focus all work together to keep the customer at the heart of everything it does and meet its business objectives.

TNT relies on its people to drive the strategy, encouraging staff to acquire expert knowledge and competencies through training and development.  People are empowered to challenge the ways things are done in order to make improvements.  In this way, it builds long-term capability in the organisation.

As part of the new strategy for Balaji, Kapoor’s characters underwent a radical makeover to make them more relevant and appealing. Pre-2009, many critics felt Kapoor’s women were relics from the past.  Post-2009, especially in the Hindi movies she produced, her women characters came across as fully-modern, living in a globalised world.

Kapoor has since produced one of last year’s biggest Bollywood hits, The Dirty Picture.  This has won six awards, including best movie, director and actress, at a top film awards in Mumbai (Bombay), the Colors Screen Awards.  In the first nine months (April-December) of the 2011-12 financial year, Balaji Telefilms was back in the black with net profits of more than $2m.

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