Business strategy nats


NATS, a global air navigation provider, has grown phenomenally in recent years. NATS manages the world’s busiest section of airspace as well as the busiest single and dual runway airports in Europe and the Middle East. Its strategies have taken it from operating in just the UK and Gibraltar to offering the full range of its services in 28 countries, with contracts of different sizes and values. A strategy is the plan by which the aims and objectives will be put into action. NATS’ strategies centre around three key areas:

• Innovation

developing new and creative products and services to retain market position and grow the business.

• Partnerships

creating alliances to strengthen its position and open up new markets.

• People

enhancing the organisation’s skills and competencies so it has the resources to meet challenges.

Growth is a common aim for many businesses. There are a variety of strategies a business can use to grow, both organically and inorganically. Mergers and acquisitions are a method of inorganic growth. For example, Apple has purchased PrimeSense, an Israeli firm that specialises in making 3D motion detection technology. This acquisition will allow Apple to bring expertise in this new technology in-house. (BBC, 25th November 2013)

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