Creating value - brand management
A C&A case study

Page 1: Introduction

The environment in which an organisation competes will provide both opportunities and threats that influence its long-term strategic development. Organisations, therefore, have to analyse their strategic capability to ensure their capabilities fit the changing environment in which they are operating. This involves developing these abilities in new directions. This case study focuses upon the...
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Page 2: The challenge for the brand

C&A’s strengths lay in its high brand awareness, family orientation, reputation for low prices and extensive choice. However, its perceived weaknesses included a lack of targeted communication with customers, the reluctance to adapt to meet local fashion needs and, more importantly, the lack of a quality fashion image. Research also demonstrated growing confidence in retailer brands...
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Page 3: Strategic direction

The mission statement of an organisation is a generalised statement of its purpose. C&A’s mission statement is designed to declare the direction and long-term objectives of the organisation. It is the reason why it exists - 'to ensure a lifetime of quality fashions at greatest value, sold through attractive, easy to shop stores'. The mission helps to emphasise the rationale behind all...
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Page 4: The role of brand management

Brand management enabled C&A to build relationships with different customer target groups according to their specific needs and requirements. The starting point for the process of brand management was to redefine C&A’s brand portfolio with a re-focusing of brand labels within the parent or umbrella brand of C&A. When a brand belongs to an umbrella brand such as C&A, it is...
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Page 5: C&A’s marketing mix

The marketing mix comprises the four P’s - product, price, place and promotion. It is the series of variables that work together to provide an overall ‘offer’ for the C&A customer. The marketing mix was a critical tool in repositioning C&A away from a   traditional and less fashion aware position within the clothing market, towards more individualistic...
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Page 6: Conclusion

As one of the leading clothing retailers in Europe and a fully integrated organisation, C&A is rapidly moving forward in an industry where focusing on value has provided a direction for redefining the business. Supported by other innovative retailing initiatives, such as the development of Internet shopping and database marketing using loyalty cards, C&A is an organisation equipped for the...
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