The importance of cause related marketing
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

Page 1: Introduction

Cadbury Schweppes 4 Image 3This case study examines an exciting new product idea from Australia - the Yowie - and shows how it is a good example of Cause Related Marketing. Everyone is familiar with Cadbury's Dairy Milk - it is one of the nation's favourite chocolate products. In Australia, Cadbury Schweppes has found a way of adding more value to Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

This has been done by shaping and packaging the chocolate into fun characters, known as the Yowie, in such a way as to fuel a vast consumer interest. In addition, the product has been paired with a key area of consumer concern and interest - the environment - by combining the product with an educational content, such as theme-related toys, books and CDs.

Cadbury Schweppes | The importance of cause related marketing


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