Integrated information systems: seeing the whole picture
A Canon case study

Page 1: Introduction

An independent research organisation recently examined the work practices of 1,501 companies in six countries. They found that disorganised work practices within these business organisations wasted time equivalent to an average of 98 working days each year for every person employed. In terms of employee productivity, the UK came out the worst. On average, people were working effectively for only...
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Page 2: The Canon story

Canon was founded in Japan in 1933, and first made its name in the 1930s as a producer of cameras. It became associated with high levels of innovation and product development, and in 1964 it branched out to produce the Canola 130, the world's first 10-key electronic calculator. During the 1960s Canon became a truly international company with exports accounting for 50of sales. In 1968 the company...
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Page 3: Operating the core business

Companies which set out, through their products and services, to help other companies become and remain efficient operators need to be at the forefront of innovation and good practice themselves. Canon prides itself on the research that it carries out into developing new technologies. It has research centres located in Europe (e.g. France, UK) USA and Japan.The company operates in a highly...
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Page 4: Strategic management

Strategic management involves making long-term plans that are clear and well thought out, rather than simply reacting to problems when they arise. In business, we make a distinction between a reactive organisation and a proactive one. The proactive organisation is the one that plans ahead. Unfortunately many UK companies are forced to operate in a reactive way, and particularly in the area of...
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Page 5: The whole picture

The key to successful Information Management is to link together the various components of an Information System. For example, once connected, a central copier replaces a host of desktop printers. Also, within a properly integrated system, staff can access fax services direct from PCs.Information management is all about helping people to carry out their daily work in a more streamlined and...
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Page 6: Information handling: providing the solutions

The elements of an Information Management System.Peripherals - black and white and colour copiers, laser and bubble jet printers, scanners and faxes.Networks - servers, PC's, cabling, firewalls etc.Document management - software which supports the products and offers users the ability to scan, file and retrieve documents whilst saving valuable storage space.As a major provider of these solutions...
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Page 7: Conclusion

Sophisticated Information and Communications Technology systems contribute to the efficient running of organisations. An integrated system such as the one outlined above enables all of the separate parts of the organisation to pull in the same direction. Canon has a long history of providing appropriate technological systems to businesses. The company is now helping educational organisations to...
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