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Preparing for tests

You can prepare yourself for taking psychometric tests to some extent. There are a number of books on approaching specific types of aptitude test, and some general preparation is also possible:

  • Practise answering questions within set time limits.
  • Ask your local careers office for examples of the different kinds of test and familiarise yourself with the format for questions.
  • Practise probably will not dramatically increase your score in taking tests, but being familiar with the format will mean that you do not waste time when taking the test.
  • Skills such as mental arithmetic are easy to practice at home and tests in this are common - so practise working without a calculator as you may not be allowed one in the test.
  • You can practise psychometric tests on the internet. Some sites are able to give you a score and feedback on your performance (though there may be a charge for this).
Further Information

Useful books

  • How to Pass Selection Tests, M. Bryon and S. Modha, Kogan Page Ltd (2005)
  • The IQ and Psychometric Test Workbook, P. Carter, Kogan Page Ltd (2005)
  • Practice Psychometric Tests: How To Familiarise Yourself With Genuine Recruitment Tests And Get The Job You Want, A. Shavick, How to Books Ltd (2005)
  • The Ultimate Psychometric Test Book, M. Bryon, Kogan Page Ltd (2006)
  • Perfect Psychometric Test Results, J. Moutafi and I. Newcombe, Arrow Books Ltd (2007)
  • Psychometric Tests for Dummies, L. Healy, John Wiley and Sons Ltd (2008)
  • How to Succeed in Psychometric Tests, D. Cohen, SPCK Publishing (2007)

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