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Bank of Scotland Logo

Case study

  • Infinite affinity

    This case study shows how Bank of Scotland was looking to grow and strengthen its market position in England with an affinity credit card. Edition 6

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Case study

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Barclays Stockbrokers Logo

Case study

  • The stockbroking revolution

    This case study focuses on key aspects of the ‘stockbroking revolution’ and shows how Barclays Stockbrokers has embraced modern technology in order to give customers maximum control of their own stocks and shares trading. Edition 4

Bass Group Logo

Case studies

  • The future is branded

    This case study focuses on how Bass is growing its core business organically as well as through acquisition and how branding is a cornerstone of its business strategy. Edition 5

  • Creating a global business

    This case study looks at Bass Group’s acquisition of Holiday Inn Worldwide and how the Group has brought focused strategic thinking to Holiday Inn hotels. Edition 3

BBC Radio 2 Logo

Case study

  • Refocusing a product

    This case study concentrates on analysing how BBC Radio 2's remarkable turnround in fortunes was achieved. Edition 7


Case studies

  • Supporting agriculture to create sustainable development

    This case study helps students understand why a sustainable supply chain is important for manufacturers. Edition 11

  • Creating a sustainable chocolate industry

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain BCCCA’s role in providing a focus for UK chocolate manufacturers to work together on non-competitive issues, describe the global nature of the market for chocolate, understand the importance of sustainability in providing a livelihood for small cocoa farmers. Edition 10

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Case study

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Case study

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Case studies

  • Communicating with stakeholders

    This case study explores how Bernard Matthews has addressed the challenges of communicating with its customers and other important stakeholders. Edition 16

  • Creating a market

    This case study examines how Bernard Matthews Plc decided to consolidate within its present market and develop its product portfolio, specifically pre-packed sliced meats. This strategy of product development, it was hoped, would spread the product base and hopefully provide a more secure business. Edition 3

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Bibby Line Group Logo

Case study

  • Growth through investment

    This case study looks at the strategies used by Bibby Line Group to grow the business, whilst retaining a strong family ethos. Edition 17

BIC Logo

Case studies

  • Linking promotional activity to the product life cycle

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain how and why companies extend their product range, show how promotional activity links to stages in the product life cycle, explain how BIC has sought to add value to its products. Edition 10

  • Honour the past ... invent the future

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the importance of customer focus, innovation and brand developmentexplain the link between rationalisation and economies of scale, explain the meaning and value of market segmentation. Edition 9

Bloomberg Logo

Case study

  • Money markets and more

    This case study focuses upon the development of Bloomberg as a unique entrepreneurial organisation supplying a range of services for investors and businesses across the world. Edition 6

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Case study

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Case study

Body Shop Logo

Case study

  • The Body Shop approach to stakeholder auditing

    This case study focuses on how The Body Shop assesses its own business performance whilst taking into account its different stakeholder groups and their various aims and objectives. Edition 3

Boots Logo

Case studies

  • Creating an entrepreneurial partnership

    This case study focuses upon the development of the Ruby & Millie brand, a range of personality-driven make-up. Edition 5

  • Re-shaping a well-known brand

    This case study focuses on Boot’s 17 brand. It examines how Boots has re-positioned the brand to meet the changing needs of consumers in the youth market and used the re-positioning process to inject new life into the brand. Edition 4

  • No 7 - the relaunch of a brand

    This case study focuses on the most recent relaunch of the Boots No 7 brand in 1995. Edition 2

Britannia Logo

Case studies

  • The business mission of Britannia

    This case study examines the mortgage lending process and the detailed set of considerations that must be taken into account before granting a mortgage. Edition 3

  • Managing and rewarding customer loyalty

    This case study focuses on the way in which Britannia Building Society has continued to place its customers at the centre of all its activities in order to produce the benefits that guarantee a successful future. Edition 2

Britannic Assurance Logo

Case study

  • Implementing a management development programme

    This case study looks at how one leading financial services company, Britannic Assurance, has met the challenges of the changing business environment by setting up a management development programme: Management Forum. Edition 7

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British Gas  Logo

Case studies

British Steel Logo

Case studies

  • Managing health and safety - a quality approach

    This case study examines how British Steel Engineering Steels (BSES) used Total Quality Management principles to establish a training framework to increase the knowledge and skills of Health and Safety. Edition 5

  • Developing customer focus

    This case study examines how one part of British Steel has responded to its changing business environment to become a centre of excellence. It describes how a range of initiatives and developments has helped British Steel’s staff at Shotton Works to improve their customer focus. Edition 4

  • Moving decision making down the line

    This case study focuses on methods used by a leading UK company to move decision making ‘down the line.’ It examines how British Steel Strip Products, Integrated Works at Llanwern, engaged in a training programme based on empowerment, resulting in the company winning the National Training Award in 1995. Edition 3

  • Steeling market share

    This case study looks at how an organisation, utilising a range of strategies, added value to each part of the supply chain and won market share in a highly competitive market. Edition 2

British Trade International Logo

Case study

  • Supporting international trade

    This case study looks at British Trade International and its aim to help UK firms compete successfully overseas. Edition 5

British Waterways Logo

Case study

  • Developing initiatives to improve financial stability

    This case study examines how one organisation dealt effectively with a key funding issue when faced with the loss of funds from a major area. It describes how British Waterways has re-aligned its activities in a way that maximises revenue potential from a range of sources in order to create financial stability. Edition 4

Bryant Homes Logo

Case studies

  • Building a competitive advantage

    This case study outlines how Bryant Homes, one of the UK’s leading home building companies, has developed a competitive strategy. Edition 7

  • Using IT in sales and marketing

    The case study examines some of the lessons that Bryant Homes has learned from its venture with the Internet to date. Edition 6

  • Using IT to energise sales and marketing

    This case study focuses on the use of an Intranet service to help customers make informed choices when buying Bryant Homes properties. Edition 5

  • Pricing the product

    This case study sets out to examine a key aspect of house pricing - how Bryant Homes, one of this country’s leading builders of houses, goes about pricing its new properties. Edition 4

  • Tackling the shortage of building land

    This case study focuses on the issues of one organisation’s adaptation to its environment. Edition 3

BSI Logo

Case studies

  • Supporting business through standards

    This case study shows how BSI British Standards (BSI), the UK's National Standards Body, supports businesses at every step of the research, development and manufacturing processes. Edition 13

  • Creating world class quality standards

    This case study shows the importance of quality standards and how BSI supports organisations in achieving them. Edition 12

  • Quality through standards

    This case study helps students understand the importance of quality and how standards help organisations delivery quality. Edition 11

  • Implementing quality systems

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the benefits to customers when businesses operate and produce to defined standards, explain the gains to producers and suppliers from being known to operate to defined standards, appreciate BSI’s role in creating standards for products, (including materials, hardware, software and services), processes and systems. Edition 10

  • Standardization and quality management

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand why it is important to establish standards, explain the meaning of standard, standardization, quality and quality management, outline the role of standardization in ensuring the safety of users of products and services. Edition 9

BT Logo

Case studies

  • Stakeholders as partners

    This case study shows how BT engages with its stakeholders. It explains how the company is working with different stakeholder groups to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Edition 16

  • Meeting customers' needs in growth markets - online gaming

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain how broadband meets customers’ need for speed, identify key segments in the gaming market, explain how BT has developed a marketing mix for broadband gaming. Edition 10

  • Sustainability, stakeholders and profits

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: describe the moral principles underpinning the pursuit of sustainable development, describe some benefits of sustainability, identify factors that are important to stakeholders. Edition 9

Building Societies Association Logo

Case studies


Case study

  • Using call centres to deliver customer solutions

    This case study focuses on how BUPA, the independent health and care company uses call centres to help provide customer satisfaction which helps it to maintain its market position. Edition 5

Burmah Castrol Logo

Case study

  • Building a joint venture in an emerging market

    This case study focuses on a joint venture between Castrol, Burmah Castrol’s lubricants business, and Vietnam’s Saigon Petroleum. It sets out the rationale for the joint venture and examines the benefits to the two parties. Edition 4

Burton Group Logo

Case study

  • Fastflow to fashion

    This case study focuses on the Burton Group’s strategic project to reconfigure its supply chain. The initiative was launched in 1994 and is called Fastflow. Edition 3