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Marconi Logo

Case studies

  • Driving forward a business start-up

    This case study focuses on the way in which Marconi has transformed itself into a producer of new technology products. Edition 6

  • Leading international markets

    This case study illustrates how Marconi Communications has developed leading-edge products that have enabled it to position itself as world leader in key areas of the telecommunications market. Edition 5

Marks and Spencer Logo

Case studies

  • The role of training and development in career progression

    This case study shows how training and development support new business strategies and company values and help a company to cope with change. Edition 12

  • Financial management in a retail setting

    This case study examines the role of the Financial Manager at Marks & Spencer. Edition 6

  • Building a business in Europe

    This case study focuses on one of Marks & Spencer’s current business objectives - to accelerate the growth of its international business. It examines how Marks & Spencer has increased the momentum of its European expansion and focuses on the opening of the first store in Germany. Edition 5

  • Using supplier relationships to serve customers better

    This case study focuses on how relationships with the supply base enables Marks & Spencer to serve customers better. Edition 4

  • Training and development for cultural diversity

    This case study looks at how Marks & Spencers recruits high-quality graduates from other countries. Having appointed such graduates, the organisation must then cater for the cultural differences in order to provide them with scope for progression which meets their personal requirements. Edition 3

  • Marketing solutions via technology

    This case study focuses upon one aspect of the physical distribution activities ‘behind the scenes’ at Marks & Spencer. Physical distribution involves all the essential activities required to make products available for customers and is a fundamental dimension of customer service. Edition 2

  • Managing a store relocation project

    This case study describes the relocation in 1994 of the Marks & Spencer store in Kendal. Edition 1

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Case studies

  • Getting the right message across - the re-launch of Mars

    This case study explains the reasons why Masterfoods had to re-position the Mars bar. It also focuses on how it used public relations to gain the positive support of new and existing customers when it re-launched the Mars bar in March 2002. Edition 8

  • Growing a brand through portfolio management

    This case study examines how Pedigree Masterfoods relaunched the Dolmio brand to regain the initiative in the competitive market in which it operates. Edition 4

  • How Mars transformed the ice cream market

    This case study focuses on a particular sector of the ice cream market - impulse ice cream - and outlines some of the challenges Mars has faced in entering this market. Edition 1

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Case studies

McDonald's Restaurants Logo

Case studies

  • Managing stock to meet customer needs

    This case study shows how important effective management of stock is for an organisation in both meeting customer needs and controlling costs. Edition 12

  • The marketing process

    This case study helps students understand essential elements of marketing including marketing objectives, the 4Ps and market research. Edition 11

  • Recruiting, selecting and training for success

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: outline the key stages and processes involved in a recruitment process, understand why McDonald’s places high emphasis on its people and the recruitment process, know that McDonald’s is committed to training its employees. Edition 10

  • Franchising and entrepreneurship

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the concept of franchising , understand the advantages to the franchisee , understand the advantages to the franchisor. Edition 9

  • The route to fast food franchising

    This case study examines the success and reasons of franchising and investigates the special three-way relationship that exists between franchisee, franchisor and the suppliers at McDonald’s Restaurants. Edition 8

  • Staying ahead in a competitive environment

    This case study examines the positive way in which McDonald’s is responding to changing customer habits and increased levels of competition. Keeping ahead involves continuous hard work to enhance the reputation of the brand, coupled with product innovation based on detailed market research that indicates how to please customers. Edition 7

MFI Furniture Group Logo

Case studies

  • Growth through well-planned investment

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: distinguish between short term and long term assets, understand the need for a strategy for growth, identify some indicators of financial success. Edition 9

  • Generating cash for growth

    This case study examines how in 1999 MFI recognised the need to make key changes in order to develop a successful competitive strategy. In particular it focuses on how the organisation has managed its finances more effectively. Edition 8

  • Health & Safety in the modern workplace

    This case study examines MFI's commitment to Health and Safety and shows how, in recent years, the company has successfully developed new approaches to auditing and measuring Health & Safety performance standards in individual stores. Edition 4

  • Developing a customer focused sales strategy

    This case study focuses on MFI's Sales Division Strategy launched in 1993. This strategy is based on the simple realisation that the future success of MFI's business depended on MFI's ability to meet and exceed customer expectations profitably. Edition 2

  • "If it doesn't benefit the customer - We don't do it"
MG Car Company Logo

Case study

  • The rebirth of the MGF

    This case study focuses upon the rebirth of a much-loved brand with a unique British heritage - the MG. Edition 2

Michelin Logo

Case studies

  • Respecting stakeholder values

    This case study helps students understand the difference between stakeholders and shareholders and how companies must respect their values. Edition 11

  • Business aims, objectives, and values

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain the relationship between aims, objectives, values, and plans, identify Michelin’s mission and its economic objectives, understand the importance of organisational values. Edition 10

Microsoft Logo

Case study

  • Progress with e-commerce

    This case study considers Microsoft’s development of e-commerce and its impact on some of Microsoft’s customers. Edition 5

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Case study

  • Thinking global - acting local

    This case study epitomises the transformation of a business over a relatively short period of time, to become a world niche market leader in materials technology. Edition 2

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Case studies

  • Matching people with technology to create a global strategy

    This case study examines the work undertaken by Morgan Stanley to ensure that it is making the best possible use of the opportunities offered by new technology and the benefits to itself and its customers resulting from its conspicuous success. Edition 8

  • Operating Globally Through Technology

    This case study focuses on how information technology enables Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to operate within the global financial market place and maintain a competitive advantage. Edition 5

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Case study

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Case study

Mott MacDonald Logo

Case study

  • Creating strategic direction

    This case study focuses on how Mott MacDonald stands out in its competitive environment by using the skills and knowledge of its people to achieve its business purpose. Edition 13

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Case study

  • Focus on convenience trading

    This case study examines how organisations with strong traditional retail presence, such as Murco and SPAR, benefit when united. Edition 5