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UCI Cinemas Logo

Case study

  • Launching a new cinema

    This case study focuses on the launch of one of these new generations of cinema at Blanchardstown, on the outskirts of Dublin. Edition 3 Logo

Case study

  • Transforming the marketplace

    This case study focuses on the development of a sporting e-business called UMBRO.COM. It shows how it has created new business opportunities for the football specialist Umbro. Edition 6


Case studies

  • Providing support through the stages of the business cycle

    This case study looks at the phases of the business cycle and how these influence UNISON’s There for You, both operationally as a charity and also with the provision of support services its members require. Edition 19

  • Developing responsiveness through organisational structure

    This case study looks at organisational structures and how UNISON’s structure is designed to allow it to make decisions and respond to changes quickly in order to help its members. Edition 17

  • Using promotion to campaign for public services

    This case study focuses on how UNISON has promoted its A Million Voices for Public Services campaign. It has used a range of methods and technologies designed to reach a variety of different audiences. Edition 16

  • Negotiation and representation at work

    This case study shows how UNISON is working with employers to support and develop high quality apprenticeship schemes for young people in line with government policy. Edition 15

  • Use of PEST analysis at UNISON

    This case study focuses on the issues faced by migrant workers in the UK. Edition 14

  • Driving forward environmental aims and objectives

    This case study focuses on the way businesses impact on the environment. One of UNISON's aims is to help to improve the environment at work and, by so doing, contribute to efforts to tackle climate change. Edition 13

  • Using effective communications

    This case study helps students understand communication processes and the benefits for an organisation of effective communication. Edition 12

  • Health and safety in the workplace

    This case study helps students understand the role of unions understanding their work in Health and Safety. Edition 11

  • UNISON and unions' wider role

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand why employers and employees need to agree on what is fair in the workplace, explain the role of unions in both protecting and representing workers at both local and national level, give examples of cases where UNISON has been successful on behalf of workers. Edition 10

  • Organisations and unions

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain the benefits for the employer and employee of working together harmoniously for the common good, outline the work of UNISON in protecting public sector workers’ rights, understand that union membership is a hard-won right that employees should exercise. Edition 9

  • Trade Unions - dealing with change

    This case study looks at how trade unions still play a vital role in promoting fairness in the workplace and how they achieved big improvements in the lives of working women. It also looks at why they are trying to persuade young members that becoming a union member brings them enormous advantages in the workplace. Edition 8

United Airlines Logo

Case studies

  • Responding to a changing external business environment

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: appreciate the complexity of a typical organisation’s business environment, understand the importance of using marketing activities to match the competitive position of an organisation with the environment it serves, understand the various elements of a SLEPT analysis. Edition 9

  • Using global segmentation to grow a business

    This case study focuses upon how United Airlines uses customers’ motivations for different types of services to segment the market and improve its competitiveness. By offering a range of customer-focused products and services, it has become an industry innovator. Edition 8

United Biscuits Logo

Case studies

  • An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch

    This case study focuses on one of the UK’s leading savoury snacks, Phileas Fogg. This case study analyses how United Biscuits reinvented Phileas Fogg in an attempt to retain its innovative culture and individuality within a much larger group. Edition 8

  • The repositioning of Hobnobs

    This case study examines the way in which McVitie's has recently repositioned Hobnobs to target them at a younger audience of 18-34 year olds, as well as maintaining its established audience of consumers who like to treat themselves to high quality biscuits. Edition 4

  • Hula Hoops - emphasising the core values of the brand

    This case study looks at the Hula Hoops success story. It is a prime example of UB's commitment to focus on investment in existing portfolio brands. Edition 2

United Utilities Logo

Case study

  • Using cost-benefit analysis to appraise investments

    This case study examines one major wastewater quality improvement investment made by United Utilities. It shows how important non-financial considerations, such as the impact on the environment, were in arriving at the best decision. Edition 17