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Case study

  • Partnership in action

    This case study highlights the importance of developing the value chain and ensuring the highest possible quality standards. It also demonstrates the way in which a market conscious organisation can lead the field by identifying the type of premium products which increasingly sophisticated consumers are requiring today. Edition 2

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Case study

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Case study

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Case study

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Case studies

  • How a regulatory system works in practice

    This case study focuses on regulation in the water services industry in England and Wales and shows how the Office of Water Services (OFWAT), the Department of the Environment, the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate, play a crucial role in regulating the industry in this country. Edition 3

  • Regulating a utility

    This case study looks at how regulation involves the development of rules or conditions which govern the behaviour of an organisation, by setting standards which are clearly defined, understood and designed to be achieved. Edition 2

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Case study

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Case study

  • Whitbread in the community

    This case study focuses on one business organisation - Whitbread and shows how, through its commitment to the community, it has been able to develop a high reputation for quality and excellence in all that it does. Edition 2

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Case study

  • Marketing strategy for growth

    This case study focuses on how Wilkinson created and implemented a marketing strategy to grow the business, using the findings of its market research. Edition 13

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Case study

  • Operations management: the Wincanton way

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the range of activities involved in supply chain and logistics management, explain the nature of Wincanton’s business activity, explain the way in which different teams within Wincanton work together to meet customer needs. Edition 10