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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Healthcare sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

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    Boots Logo


    • Creating an entrepreneurial partnership

      This case study focuses upon the development of the Ruby & Millie brand, a range of personality-driven make-up. Edition 5

    • Re-shaping a well-known brand

      This case study focuses on Boot’s 17 brand. It examines how Boots has re-positioned the brand to meet the changing needs of consumers in the youth market and used the re-positioning process to inject new life into the brand. Edition 4

    • No 7 - the relaunch of a brand

      This case study focuses on the most recent relaunch of the Boots No 7 brand in 1995. Edition 2

    BUPA Logo


    • Using call centres to deliver customer solutions

      This case study focuses on how BUPA, the independent health and care company uses call centres to help provide customer satisfaction which helps it to maintain its market position. Edition 5

    Chap Stick Logo

    Chap Stick

    • Positioning the brand

      This case study focuses upon just one of the many products from the diverse businesses of American home products - Chap Stick. From its early origins as a simple health care product, it has become, today, a highly sophisticated and successful product in an extremely competitive market. Edition 2

    Johnson&Johnson Logo


    • The effectiveness of an advertising campaign

      This case study examines how J&J took an advertising campaign for the product Clean & Clear from the USA and transformed it to produce a positive effect in the UK market. Edition 5

About the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is the sector that provides goods and services to treat patients. The healthcare sector encompasses hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes and dental practices. The sector is very varied and operates across a range of organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

In the UK the healthcare industry employs over 2 million people. The National Health Service (NHS) offers free healthcare to all UK citizens. There are also a number of large private healthcare organisations such as Bupa and Nuffield Health. During the recent economic downturn some areas of the healthcare industry, predominantly the NHS, has seen significant reorganisation and budget cuts.