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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Logistics sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

Business Case Studies logistics case studies

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    • The number 1 express carrier

      This case study highlights the way in which DHL has filled an important gap in the market in express delivery services. Edition 2

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    Parcelforce Worldwide

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    • Delivering a superior customer experience

      This case study examines how TNT’s Customer Promise reflects its core strategy of customer focus and aligns with its corporate values to influence the organisation’s culture. Edition 17

    • Delivering a business strategy

      The case study explores how TNT delivers its business strategy and achieves consistently high standards of service through its people. Edition 16

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    • Operations management: the Wincanton way

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the range of activities involved in supply chain and logistics management, explain the nature of Wincanton’s business activity, explain the way in which different teams within Wincanton work together to meet customer needs. Edition 10

About the logistics industry

Logistics is the process that ensures that goods or services are available where and when they are needed in good condition and at competitive prices. This enables efficient management of the supply chain. Freight logistics companies either manage their own distribution system or manage it on behalf of another as ‘third-party logistics’ (3PL) or ‘hauliers’

The UK logistics industry is worth almost £75 billion to the economy and employs around 2.3 million people. In the UK it includes organisations such as TNT and Parcelforce Worldwide.